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Is your eating out of control? Are you feeling helpless and miserable with no idea where to turn to next? You've tried every diet, exercise, self help book and yet still you find yourself in that painful binge eating cycle, feeling powerless to food.


I have been exactly where you are and I have the solution you are looking for:

My ‘5-Steps to Peaceful Eating’ Program will guide you through the 5 proven steps that will help you to end binge eating and regain control of your life forever!


During this 5 week programme you will:

  • Learn the tools you need to feel in control around ALL food.
  • Overcome the triggers that drive your toxic food behaviours. 
  • Rewire your brain to transform how you view and think about food.
  • Discover your healthiest, happiest weight that’s effortlessly sustainable without FAD dieting.
  • Wake up confident in your own skin and feel totally in love with yourself every single day
  • Make binge-eating a thing of the past!

How this course works:

On this 5 week course, I will take you to the roots of your eating issues so that you can overcome them. You will be guided through the same 5 steps that personally helped me and that now I use to  help hundreds of women just like you to end binge eating and start living!


  • 10 group coaching sessions ( 2 per week) on Zoom (recording sent out in case you can't make a session)

  • Closed online support group where I will do live Q&A’s

  • Worksheets, meditations, journalling and mindfulness practises 

  • Actionable tasks and practises to integrate the tools learnt into your own life.

  • Lifetime access to my online support community for FREE.


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