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It’s time to take back the control in your life. One urge at a time.

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A printable SOS card to help get you through difficult moments and process a binge urge effectively, without acting on it.

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The 12 week programme, combining group AND 1:1 coaching that will take you from binge eater to peaceful eater in 10 simple modules.

Are you ready to break free from your toxic relationship with food and reclaim your life, health and happiness with the help of me, Tasha, a woman who has been right where you are and is ready and committed to holding your hand and guiding you to a life of food freedom.

Next Programme Starts - Monday 16th January 2023


In this intense 12 week course, we will create a partnership to overcome your foody demons.

My unique approach is to work extremely closely with my clients with everyday contact to ensure absolute success and to get you to where you want to be as quickly as possible. 

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I’m so happy that you have arrived here.

I know that by being here, you want change.  And you want it now.

If you're ready to get your sh*t together around food, fall back in love with yourself and take control of your life then you're in the right place.

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It is through my own experiences with an eating disorder, that I am now on a passionate and unstoppable mission to help more women like YOU to get off the diet/binge rollercoaster and transform your relationship with food and with yourself.

  • Are you always on a diet? 

  • Do you regularly overeat, binge or feel out of control around food?

  • Does your weight fluctuate regularly and easily?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by contradictory nutrition advice, food choices and guilt around what you're eating


If you answered YES to any of these questions, then its time for you to say YES to a life of FREEDOM!……

...A life where you are at total peace with food and with yourself...

...A life where you can enjoy your favourite foods - WITHOUT shame or guilt...

...A life where you are settled at your ideal, healthiest, happiest weight that is effortlessly sustainable WITHOUT fad dieting...

...And a life in which you wake up confident in your own skin and feel totally in love with yourself every. Single. Day.

What my clients say

"I had always struggled with my weight. I was either on a diet and obsessing over calories or I was off the diet and would literally eat EVERYTHING. My life felt completely out of control.. As a result of working with Tasha, I learnt how to eat in a balanced way. I stopped bingeing because I no longer felt deprived and without even trying, the weight was falling off me. I honestly cannot thank you enough for how much you have changed my life. The late night calls where you would give me the strength to breathe through the urges to binge and the constant support you gave me is something I can never thank you enough for."





Yes, I know. you thought it was just you. 


The repetitive cycle of restrict. binge. restrict further. binge harder… all the time, falling further into the feelings of guilt, self loathing, telling yourself you're a failure.

I want you to imagine.. you’re sat in a beautiful cafe with someone you love. It's a Friday and the sun is shining. You feel good. 


In front of you is a warm drink and a perfectly portioned, beautiful slice of homemade cake. fluffy and light with a beautiful frosting. Your favourite treat to end a week of health & vitality.. You feel both calm and grateful as you begin to enjoy each mouthful.

As you finish the last bite, you feel wonderfully satisfied  You feel no guilt. You have no desire to binge on the whole cake. You simply smile and enjoy the rest of your day.


Does this sound unimaginable from where you currently are in your life?


Let me tell you, its absolutely 100% possible IF you put in the work and prepare to switch up your mindset and unlearn all those dieting myths which are making you feel like a crazy ass b***h around food.


The truth is that an overly restictive or fad diet will always result in a binge or a loss of control around food


You can be your ideal healthiest, happiest weight and still enjoy the foods you love meaning you will no longer have the desire to binge or overeat to the point of uncomfortable anymore

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If you have any questions, you can find me on the social links, or ask them below and I will come back to you. I look forward to hearing from you!

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