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About Me

My journey toward helping others find freedom from binge eating disorder and bulimia nervosa began with my own recovery experience. Faced with the limitations and outdated approaches of traditional healthcare, I felt lost and frustrated.

Doctors relied solely on BMI, nutritionists offered diet plans without addressing underlying issues, and therapists often lacked practical solutions and ongoing support. Determined to find a better way, I embarked on a journey of self- study and exploration.

I dedicated myself and my life to understanding not only my own struggles but also the intricate psychology of human behavior around food. It was through this journey, that not only did I find recovery but I also discovered my life's purpose: to offer others the support and guidance I wished and longed for earlier in my own recovery.

Today, I am honored to share the knowledge and insights gained from my journey, helping individuals just like you break free from the grip of disordered eating and reclaim their lives.


Find out more about my 12 week recovery program here.

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